My daughter is having so much fun learning to about letters and sounds with the Phonics Museum App from Veritas Press.  She is just three years old and is showing lots of interest in learning about letters and sounds.  She’s developed a bit of a fascination with labeling every letter she comes across, and so when this product became available for review, I thought we would have a bit of fun giving it a try.

Veritas Press is a company my family already adores.  They are a homeschool family that made it their mission to create excellent classically based educational options for everyone while integrating the history recorded in the Bible into all of their studies.  They offer a variety of classes in the Veritas Press Scholars Academy that I think my children will be very interested in as they continue their education.  Today, however, I want to tell you about something for our kids who are learning to read.  Unlike the rest of the Veritas Press options, this one is an app, and it is available through iTunes.

This app has our children ages 3-7 as its target audience though it can certainly be used for any age child.  The premise of this app takes the child through a tour of a museum.  Of course, this isn’t your typical museum.  Everything in this museum is interactive and life like.  We are introduced to many characters such as Percival, the suit of armor.  This museum is set up with 10 “floors” (or levels) each with its own set of activities.  You’ll also find things like games, songs, and more.

Children move through the museum at their own pace and can revisit places they’ve explored for review or fun.  All of the characters are fun and whimsical.  The teach the children through songs, books, and also teach them things about history or art along the way.  My daughter, being as young as she is has repeated many of the earliest levels many times where they practice letter sounds, writing letters, and the earliest of reading skills.

When purchasing this app, you’ll need to be aware of a couple of the options.  First, there is a free 2-week trial offer so you can get a good feel for the program yourself before committing.  Once the trial expires you can purchase a monthly subscription with unlimited access for up to 3 children for $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

I like how the app begins with a very clear introduction that makes following the app very easy.  They teach you just how to navigate and what to expect.  Your child walks a character throughout the program, and that begins by walk to an elevator that will bring you to the floor you are currently working with.  My daughter is very young, so we started right out at the beginning. She has no trouble navigating things on her own though she can be a bit impatient as characters talk to her about various things.  She just wants to get to the action. Each museum art piece

Tapping on each museum art piece brings up videos, songs, and games for your child to watch or do.  A video explains the lesson which unlocks the next task which might be a song or an actual activity for the child to complete.  As each task is completed, the next one is unlocked.

Early on, where my daughter plays, she is listening to songs that identify letters and their sounds, tracing the letters with her fingers, sorting, and listening for sounds.  Once your child has finished with all of the activities for one museum art piece they will find themselves back in the main area for the floor where they can repeat activities. While in the main area you’ll find Miss Biddle who loves to teach you many things about history and letter sounds.  She has a fun and upbeat personality that most kids will enjoy.

This is a great app for the early stages of reading.  Using this app just three times a week my daughter has made good progress recognizing letters and sounds.  It has fed her curiosity about how letters work.  I like the weekly progress reports I have emailed to me each week.  I like the various layers of protection that in place as well.  Such as the password entry.  I know she won’t be playing unless I’m around to make sure she’s using the app wisely.

Overall, I think this app is great and so does my daughter.  I can’t wait to see how she progresses as the year moves on.

Phonics Museum App {Veritas Press Reviews}

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