As the weather turns, many of us are turning our attention to Christmas. While it may still feel far away, 116 days are sure to flash by. As such, we’re making preparations in our churches and considering the nativity already.

In the western world, Christmas is a true blessing. It’s a time in which we’re free to appreciate and spend time with our loved ones. We’re also in the privileged position where we can take full advantage of the giving nature of the holiday. While we all put this into practice with our nearest and dearest, some of us take things further. Because let’s remember; not everyone is going to have a fantastic Christmas this year.

There are many ways to help those in need over the holidays. You could volunteer at soup kitchens, help organize events, or go it alone with a shoebox appeal. Through such appeals, we get the chance to bring Christmas cheer to countries which don’t see enough of it. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, read on to find out how to make it happen.

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Contact a charity

You need to contact a local charity which can send your shoe boxes when the time comes. You could go it alone, but it isn’t the best idea. By operating through a charity, you ensure your charity goes to the right place. Plus, you can ensure people give generously.

Make a list of local charities, and find out if any offer a shoebox appeal. If not, you could always contact them. By working together, you could lead the way for future such appeals.

Consider appropriate items

People have enough to think about when it comes to Christmas. Save them having to think about their boxes by offering ideas. Obviously, everything will need to be small. Practical items, such as flannels, toothbrushes, and so forth are always a good idea. It’s also worth putting something fun in for the kids. It’s their Christmas, too, after all. Including small toys will work wonders. To help you get an idea of what you could suggest, here are the top Christmas toys of 2017. And, a little online searching is sure to reveal even more ideas, so don’t be afraid to get stuck in.  


Spread the word

The more people who know about your appeal, the better chance you have of a decent collection. So, spread the word. Let everyone in your congregation know what you’re planning. Revealing things by no later than October will ensure everyone has time to prepare.

It’s also worth taking things further by using social media to contact younger members of your church. Plus, you should encourage word of mouth outside the church.

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It’s also worth arranging fun activities relating to the appeal. You could host a box packing day. Or, you could all meet up to wrap your boxes ready for sending. Make as much of an event of this as possible, and you’ll be amazed how many people are willing to donate.