If you hear reference to the idea of brain games or training, then you likely connect the dots and assume it’s a task for the elderly. For years, keeping the mind fit has been seen as the reserve of those who are trying to stave off dementia and ensure their minds are healthy during retirement. This is an excellent and much-needed goal, of course – but it’s not the full picture.

Ageless Mind Games

Keeping your mind active is vital, no matter what age you are. Our minds are akin to a muscle; the more we use them, the quicker, better, and stronger they are. As our lives stabilize into a comfortable routine, many of us are rarely faced with situations where we have to really think. We go through lives on a kind of autopilot; to work, then home, then social situations. This can mean that when you’re confronted with a scenario in which you need to put your brain to use – assembling flat pack furniture is a good example of this – you can suddenly find your once-reliable mind is now stuttering.

So keeping your mind in good shape is all about three things:

  • Testing it – there’s little point in doing something you can already do and using it to tick the box regarding giving your mind a workout.
  • Learning – this satisfies the above. If you’re actively having to learn something new, then you’re going to be firing your brain in ways you might not often have the chance to do.
  • Continued application – there’s no way of cheating yourself with a few new facts learned every month, and assuming that you finished with mental health for the year.

There is a myriad of benefits to doing the above, but perhaps the most precious are that it will slow down your perception of time. If you often feel that life is whizzing past you, then exercising your brain by learning something new is a good way to encourage your mind to perceive time in a different way.

So how should you go about it?

There are a variety of different pursuits that can fulfill all of the above criteria, but here are a few to consider:

Learn A New Language


It’s probably been a long time since you tried to learn a new language. It makes sense to start simply; perhaps by investigating what is the easiest language to learn and whether you think it would be a good fit for you. You could even set yourself a goal of visiting a country that speaks your new language as a gift for reaching a certain level of fluency.

Playing Games

Yes, games can be beneficial, especially video games that require you to to be strategic. Of course, it’s fun too, so this is probably one exercise that you won’t mind indulging in!

Learn To Play An Instrument


A final option is to learn to play an instrument, which has the benefit of also being a good workout for your motor skills.

The truth is that no matter which of the above you try – whether you’re good at it or not – you’re still contributing to the health of your mind and a fruitful future lifestyle. This, alone, will stand you in very good stead for the future.