Top 7 Christian Websites

Being a Christian is a deep calling that requires dedicated persons who have a real sense of community. While there are many websites for Christians all around the world, we made a selection of seven of the best of such websites one can pick from. These seven have the best Christian experience.


Beyond Today

Beyond Today is a very resourceful website owing to the amount of material one gets on this site. It ranges from doctrines to Christian living and other topics. The material is also presented in many ways including videos, podcasts, summons, art, and others. The best part is that one does not pay a single cent to access these materials.


Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a website whose primary focus is the Bible and its study. First, you can study the Bible according to the topics you pick upon. Then you can also study the Bible in any language you choose. Among the supported languages are Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Filipino, and others.



Holyart is a religious art shop in Italy, which sells exclusively online all over the world. Holyart is made up of a team of sincere people driven by a simple and definite goal: offering people! Unique religious products at value-for-money prices.



Unlike others, E-Sword is both a website and software one can download to their computer. With this software, you can receive various benefits including downloading different bible versions, commentaries on specific verses and dictionaries on biblical language and words. You can thus use this service to learn the Bible in the most convenient way possible.


Open Bible

Perhaps the handiest website for Christians is Open Bible. This site will give the biblical view on any topic one asks on it. For example, one can ask what the Bible says about family. The site will provide them with the particular scriptures that focus on family and anything related to it.


Free Bible Study Guides

This website is exactly what its name suggests; a site full of free Bible study guides to take you through the journey of a Christian. The Bible is arranged according to the topic one chooses for ease of understanding. There is also the option to receive three tips from the Bible on a daily basis all for free.


Christian Post

Christian Post is like the CNN of Christianity in that it provides news that relates to the Christian life. The primary focus of the news channel is linking current world events with biblical prophecies especially the end times. We recommend it because it does not preach all doom and burning hell for humanity as other sites do at times. However, caution ought to be exercised since it is an opinion which may or may not be true.


Bible Study Tools

While Open Bible gives you the scriptures on your topic of choice, Bible Study Tools provides you with the scriptures besides expert comments, inspirations, audio lessons, blogs, videos, and even an encyclopedia from which one can make references. It is the best way to understand how to approach each situation as a Christian.

All these sites give the Christian an easier time keeping their soul free from sin and vigilant against the temptations of the world. They are thus handy tools to the growth of one’s faith.

Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail.