If there is anything I am passionate about it is encouraging other homeschool moms.  Whether they be veterans or brand new to the homeschooling way of life I want to do what I can to come along side them and give them a helping hand should they ever need.  Truthfully, I need it sometimes, so I suspect most other moms do too.


It has amazed me to watch the homeschooling community in my little corner of the world grow and flourish over these last 5 or 6 years.  I remember when there were just 3 or 4 of us moms, if that, that would gather at the library for a little social time.  We often looked at each other and wondered just what we should do.  After some time we started a Facebook group for our town.  It’s something like a bulletin board where people share events and perhaps ask a question.  What we lacked, however, was a real community.  A cohesive group where friendships flourished for both moms and kids.  A group that met regularly so that community could grow.  We were stuck, the Facebook page didn’t seem to be making that happen.  What could we do?

On a whim, we decided to experiment with a co-op.  Nothing too academic just something fun, social, and enriching.  A place to maybe try something new and to relax with friends.  Our first session was just three weeks long and had just two classes.  I can’t remember how many families were involved.  Maybe 8?  I’m not sure!

Now four years later we offer 12 classes a session, countless field trips, and we joined by around 50 families.  Our  “Not” Back to School Picnic for the entire community sees about 100 children there.  That was incredible!  We’ve done it, we’ve created a community!  I want to share with you my….

Top 7 Reasons to Join a Co-op

1. Because homeschooling is hard and doing it alone makes it even harder.

2. When you commit to a co-op, you’ll find yourself at classes and events with a regular group of other homeschooling families.  Coming together often is how friendships are formed.

3. There are benefits to learning as a group! Whether it be the chance to work on a large project with many others, or just the opportunity to hear someone else’s ideas, group learning has its advantages.

4. Sometimes it is nice to let someone else take the reins for a bit.  I have watched in awe as my children have become excited about poetry because another mom taught them how wonderful it could be.  I was amazed at how much my kids learned about human anatomy because another mom made it so cool.  Other moms are creative in ways I’m not.  What a great thing to take advantage of.

5. Co-op day is a nice change of pace.  My children look forward to co-op day.  It is the day they are sure to see their friends.  It is a day full of learning.  It is different than what we typically do at home.  That can be refreshing for everyone!

6. Co-op gives moms a sure fire chance to check in with friends.  On a co-op day, I can often tell with just a glance how some of my closest mom friends are doing.  I can catch up with them, pray for them, and encourage them if it has been a rough week.  And yes, if I need some encouragement they are all right there for me.

7. Co-op offers us an opportunity to minister to others.  Our co-op often comes together to help out families in the community.  Whether it be meals when someone is ill or a collection when someone is facing tough times, Co-op already has a structure in place to get the word out fast so that help can be provided.

I think I mention it again… homeschooling is hard and doing it alone makes it even harder.

My co-op makes me feel like I’m not doing this alone.  And that is the best reason ever to join.

Now some co-ops can be pretty pricey!  Fortunately, mine is not!  But wouldn’t it be nice to win a gift card to help you purchase some back to homeschool supplies, books or curriculum?  That would make affording your co-op a little easier, wouldn’t it?  Well, I’ve got a giveaway for you!

It’s Back to (Home) School time!!

It’s that time of year when many homeschoolers are busy preparing for a new school year.  Some of you may have already started your new year, and some of you may have never stopped!

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We know homeschooling can put a financial strain on families – whether it’s from living on one-income or buying curriculum for your children – the financial aspect of it can be stressful.  Our hope is that we can bless homeschool families so they can buy the curriculum and supplies they need (or maybe a want you can finally splurge on) for their school year.

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