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Ok my fellow Christian Mommies… and Daddies for that matter. You know what? Let’s throw in aunts, uncles, Pastor’s, cousins, ministry leaders… ANYONE who ever works with a child… no actually, anyone at all. I’ve GOT to tell you about this fantastic tool that my good friend Julia shared with me. It’s called the Child Training Bible.  This Bible has been a staple in our family for years.  YEARS!  We use it almost daily.  I want to tell you all about it.  For the record, I purchased this on my own… I was not paid for this post nor was I given any free product in return for writing what I’ve written below.  Just an FYI.

I don’t know about you but I am NOT a walking Bible. I have memorized my fair share of scripture verses but for some reason I can NEVER recall just the right one in just the right moment.. especially when I’m dealing with my children. For example, perhaps one of my children is complaining about something for the UPTEENTH time! (Nope, never happens in THIS house!) I want to share with them what God says in our Bible about complaining but no scripture comes to mind and I end up just stammering saying… I know it’s in there somewhere…. just believe me. Yeah like that has any impact.

With my Child Training Bible I can sit down with my child and instantly open to a scripture on complaining or a variety of other topics. One scripture doesn’t do it for you? How about eight or nine per topic. Fabulous! Eventually as my children get a bit older they’ll even be able to look up scriptures for themselves!

Ok so it all sounds great right? But what on Earth is a Child Training Bible? Well let me show you.

What you see in the photo above is everything need you make your own Child Training Bible. When you order from you actually get the colored cards that you see above. You tape one in the inside cover of your Bible and use that as a reference to help you find scriptures on your chosen topic. The other cards are your “tabbers.” These cards contain the actual scripture references. You’ll use these cards to help you highlight each scripture and mark the pages with the sticky tabs that you’ll need to purchase separately. You’ll need to provide your own Bible and the highlighters as well. Don’t throw the tabber cards away though! On the back they provide fantastic prayers that you and your children can say together as you work through any of the topics.

The cards from cost me about $15 after shipping. I purchased the bible you see from amazon for another $15. All said I believe the supplies came to $45. I love that I was able to choose the Bible. This provides for a great deal of flexibility as you can choose the translation you prefer. The system does work best with a 9″ by 6″ bible.

The entire thing took me at least three hours to put together. I did it in two sittings. It was a worthwhile experience for me alone just walking through the bible and reviewing these powerful scriptures on such important topics. I would really like to call this the FAMILY Training Bible as every member of the family can take away a lot each time they open it. I heard there is a version specifically for teens and another version for adults in the works. I WILL buy them!

So how are we using this in our family? Two ways really. I use it as a part of our morning bible study time. We pick a topic and cruise through a verse or two each day. I also pull it out during moments when I think my children can gain something from hearing what the Word of God says about whatever is happening in that moment. When they see our CTB come out they calm. They DO want to hear what God says. It seems to mean something more to them when comes straight from the bible and not just from Mom and Dad. It is making an impact in our home. The tough part, for me at least, is being consistent with always taking it out at the right times.

I want all of my readers to have access to this tool but sadly I can’t afford to give a set to everyone.  Instead just one lucky person will have to do.  I am giving away ONE CTB Chart Set.  Just the chart set.  You’ll need to supply your own bible, highlighters or colored pencils, and sticky tabs.  Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter.  And if you can, share this post and help me reach more people to tell them about this amazing tool.

ps. The wonderful people who created the CTB are in no way affiliated with this giveaway.  I will be purchasing the product for me winner.  Thanks!

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