Growing up all through the years I always had one issue.  From the time I was born until the time I left the nest and moved out on my own I was always plagued by the sock monster.  You all know what the sock monster is right?  He’s that mysterious little creature that likes to feast on socks.  He is finicky though as he does not like seconds.  He’ll only dine on one sock from each matching pair.

One year when I was around nine or ten years old that sock monster must have brought his buddies around my house.  It seemed I could never ever find a pair of socks.  My family took such pity on me.  At Christmas that year all of my relatives bought me packages of socks.  If I remember correctly I acquired 38 pairs of brand new socks.  I kid you not!  The sock monster must have been licking his lips!

The sock monster didn’t seem to follow me to college or onto life away from home.  If he did his appetite was much suppressed.  I only seemed to loose a sock here or there.  Not several with every load of laundry.

Then I had children.  Low and behold the ugly sock monster came out of hibernation and reared his ugly head.  Once again I find myself frustrated with the lack of matching socks to be found in my home.  I keep a drawer of mismatched socks for my boys.  I do try to sort through it from to time and get things matched up.  It doesn’t seem to help.

I surrender!  I give up!  My munchkins can wear whatever socks they could find!

They are delighted!

So there you have it!  The sock monster wins!  I admit defeat and my children have missed matched feet!  At least they are clean right?