Home schooling can be such a wonderful thing, you get to provide the education and attention that your children deserve, as well as spend the majority of your day with them. An experience many mothers and fathers would love to have. But being a homeschool teacher, as that is what you essentially are if you are homeschooling your kids, isn’t the easiest of things to do. Luckily the guide below can help you make it a little easier on yourself, and hopefully a little more effective for the kids as well.


It’s OK if the kids misbehave

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Kids are gonna occasionally misbehave, to test their boundaries, and this is OK. Even if it’s in a homeschool environment. OK,  so maybe the opportunity for them to get into a load of trouble is greatly reduced, but you still might find them using their phones, forgetting to hand things in, or being disruptive. Especially if you homeschool a group of kids so, there is someone there to show off to.

Of course, all you need to do is remain calm and consistent. Ensure that you lay down consequences for bad behavior, and reinforce that it is the behavior that is the issue, not them as a person.


You don’t have to know everything

Now, teachers in schools usually have degree in their specialist subject as well as formal training to teach them how to convey the information they need to get across and assess whether the kids have learnt it or not. But being a home teacher is quite different, yes there are courses out there that can help you, but as you are teaching the whole curriculum, you just aren’t going to know everything single thing that you are going to have to teach.

But actually, this is OK. As they say, sometimes the difference between the students and the teacher is that the teacher has read one more chapter! So, just make sure that you read around the subjects you’re not quite sure on beforehand using sites like https://gradebuddy.com/ to help you do this. As there you can find thousands of subjects information in great detail, recorded from real life lectures. Something that will allow you to advance your own knowledge in the areas you need to and stay ahead of the level that you are teaching to the kids.


Collaborative and socialization work can still be done via the internet

Lastly, a lot of parents worry that home school will not provide enough opportunities for a collaborative project, or work that helps kids to socialize properly. But now with the internet, it’s possible to get kids from different homeschool environments together and work on joint projects.


In this way, you can help them develop their skills in listening, turn taking, and conveying what they mean clearly. As well as all the other benefits that come from group work, without sending them to a physical education institution. You can even set up forum groups like the ones at http://a2zhomeschooling.com/ for them to exchange ideas, and why not set them up on Skype too, so they can take face to face and show each other what they have done?