If you read this blog you know one thing, art supplies are an essential of our homeschooling.  Recently my family gave a new product a try.  It is called Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit from ACTÍVA Products.  In addition to the Sculpting Kit, ACTÍVA Products also sent us their ACTÍVA Products’ Favorite Sculpture KIDS CRAFTS ebook.

If you visit their website, you’ll find that they offer both the Rigid Wrap and the CelluClay in larger quantities.  You might want to think of this box as a bit of sampler.  There is PLENTY to do some great projects, but it’s also the perfect amount to give the products a try to see if they will work for you.

The box arrived, and I quickly dug in…

The box contains a couple of packages of Rigid Wrap and a bag of Celluclay.

There were also some photocopied directions.  These could be improved upon.  They were printed askew with a tiny type that was a bit smudged and hard to read.  I wasn’t concerned though because I also had the ebook they sent me.  I had already glanced through it. It came as a PDF.  It is bright and colorful with clear directions.  Very easy to read.

Sample ebook page.

Speaking of the ebook, it contains 12 pretty simple projects for using the Rigid Wrap or the Celluclay.  It is full of great photographs and easy to follow directions.  Or, of course, you can just do your own thing. They include instructions for making a spider, a dinosaur, cake, a volcano and more.

The Celluclay is that bag of white powdery stuff.  I honestly wasn’t sure at first.  It isn’t labeled.  I read through the directions in the box, on the box, and in the ebook, I was given, and I saw NO mention of the stuff anywhere.  I had no clue what to do with it or how to make it into “clay.” Eventually, I found some directions on their website.

Once I finally understood how everything works, we were off and running.  Now I know a lot you moms out there are going to think this stuff is just crazy messy! It wasn’t.  I laid some covering on the table that I could swoop up afterward and toss.  We had to wash the bowls we used to make the Celluclay and dip the Rigid Wrap in, but that was it, besides a proper hand washing of course.

Cutting rigid wrap into strips.

To use the Rigid wrap you just cut it into strips appropriate for the size of the project, dip it in water, and apply.  You might want to do a little smoothing.  My daughter made a butterfly, and my boys made some beads.  Both were suggested projects in the ebook and easy to do.

Rolling the Rigid Wrap around straws to make beads.

My daughter’s Rigid Wrap butterfly.

To make the Celluclay, you need to mix the powder with water until you get a good consistency.  It came out with a bit of a fibrous texture.  My boys then set to sculpting.  One made a man and the other a bowl.


Celluclay after it’s been mixed with water.

Sculpting with the Celluclay.

We left the projects to dry for days.  It was rather humid during those days.  We flipped them over to help speed things along.  It took about three days to air dry the Celluclay. That could have gone a lot faster if my boys had made more delicate projects.  Their projects were rather thick. The Rigid Wrap projects were done in about 24 hours.

Our projects drying.

Then we painted them!  Everyone was rather pleased with the results and enjoyed the process.

Overall it was a great activity to do together.  Everyone enjoyed it, and the projects came out pretty well!  I think we especially enjoyed the Rigid Wrap!  We have plenty left.  Actually, over all, we only used about a quarter of one of the two packages.  One of my sons wants to create the Totum Pole he saw in the ebook.  I bet it’ll come out great! The Celluclay is all gone!  We used every bit on these two projects.

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Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit {ACTÍVA Products Reviews}

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