Writing!  Writing is a topic that is a bit of thorn around here.  At least for my 7-year-old daughter who is of the age for second grade this year.  She recently became a fantastic reader.  But writing?  She HATES putting paper to paper, and she hates following any sort of structured writing even more.  (She does, however, adore drawing wonderfully detailed drawings so I KNOW it isn’t a physical issue I’m dealing with.  More like stubborn personality.) When the opportunity to review  How to Write a Paragraph from The Crafty Classroom came my way I figured I ought to give it a try with her.  Maybe it’d be the key to seeing a bit of improvement from her in this area. This program is meant for children in kindergarten through second grade, so I figured this had the potential to be a terrific fit.

The program comes as a 78 page digital PDF download that you have to print.  Pay careful attention to the pages you are printing as the teacher pages are mixed with the student pages.  Printing back to back could cause you issues.

The program is intended to be completed in about 12 weeks working four days per week.  In the beginning, the student learns to write simple sentences and by the end they are are writing descriptive, informative, opinion, and narrative paragraphs.  Can I tell you the truth? I laughed when I thumbed through and realized this was the intended goal.  I couldn’t imagine my daughter making that kind of progress so fast!  She’s just been so resistant to writing.

You are provided with tools like a weekly overview and outline to help you plan for each week.  There are many charts included in the downloads for easy reference throughout the lessons.  You’ll have charts like sentence charts, type of paragraphs charts, adjectives chart, etc.

The glory of this program is how quickly a lesson can be completed. In as little as 5-10 minutes a day, in the beginning, the student can begin making progress.  How wonderful and encouraging for the reluctant writer such as my daughter.

We have finished just about four, going on five weeks of this program.  We work four days a week most weeks. In the beginning, we were attempting to write just a basic sentence. As time went on details, creative verbs and adjectives were added.  My daughter is now starting to brainstorm some ideas moving into the first steps in writing a full blown paragraph.  Every week from here on out there will be a new type of paragraph to write.

My daughter has managed to write an entire paragraph, and she doesn’t fight with me about it.  Can we just say victory here?  She’s learned a lot.  Things are broken down well.  It is easy to follow.  And it is SHORT!  Praise God on that one!  We are both looking forward to finishing the remaining weeks.  I think moving through this program is going to make this upcoming school year that much easier.  I’m very grateful.

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