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If you’re due to give birth soon, then obviously you want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to be the best mom you can be. However, with so many different baby products on the market, you may find it pretty hard to know what to invest in and what not to. Here’s a brief list of all that you really need…

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Six to eight baby-sized onesies should be at the top of your shopping list, as your baby isn’t going to wear anything else for the first few months, barring perhaps vests underneath or cardigans on top when the weather’s cold. You’ll be happy to know that stocking up on these presents a great excuse to buy a lot of cute baby costumes! Depending on the area you live in, your baby might need a coat or perhaps an all-in-one suit. When you’re shopping for these, just make sure it’s not thick, as this can put your baby at risk of getting too hot after spending long enough indoors. Aside from that, a soft cozy hat can be useful in the winter, especially if your baby is premature, or you live in a particularly cool area. You can forget about socks by buying all-in-one suits that cover your baby’s feet. Socks are just a fiddly annoyance with newborns, and will get lost a lot!


Newborns typically need their diapers changed ten times a day, or even more! To make sure you’re not going to run out, buy enough to get you through the first few days. You’ll also need plenty of diaper sacks and a stockpile of wet wipes. If you’re planning to go the reusable route, you’re going to need at least 15 diapers suitable for your baby, not to mention a bucket, diaper liners, and some sterilizer for good measure. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to buy a pack of disposable diapers as a backup. It’s pretty common for new mothers to get behind with the washing in the first few weeks after bringing their babies home, and this can be an issue for obvious reasons!


The bedding needs of a baby are relatively simple. You may have already settled on whether you’ll have a crib, cot, or Moses basket, and brought this home. If you haven’t, there aren’t any pros and cons, and your choice should be down to personal preference. If your baby’s going straight to a cot, then you’ll need to get sheets and cellular blankets for it, or a fitted bottom sheet and a baby-sized sleeping bag. In the case of Moses baskets and cribs, you’re going to need three to four sheets, along with several stroller-sized blankets. Don’t forget to buy a mattress, and make sure it fits your basket or crib in advance. Your baby’s going to have a lot of adjusting to do in the first few weeks, so a lightweight cotton wrap or jersey can be useful for making them feel comfortable and secure, without risking overheating.