Latin is this thing I think my kiddos should learn.  Maybe it extends from that time in high school when my guidance counselor prevented me from taking Latin. They reserved it for the “elite” students.  By “elite” I don’t necessarily mean academically.  The elite in my school meant child of a doctor or CEO.  I didn’t fit that bill, so I was blocked from a lot of things.  Now I homeschool my kids, and such biases don’t exist, and so I want them to have every opportunity in the world.  Latin tops my list.  Blame it on my desire to prove something.  Ha!  I love Memoria Press, so I was thrilled to be chosen to review the Prima Latina Complete Set.

We received the Prima Latina Complete Set.  This includes the Teacher’s Manual, Student Book, Pronunciation CD, Flashcards, and the Instruction DVD.  The Prima Latina set is designed to be used as a child’s first encounter with Latin.  It was created with the 1st through 4th grader in mind. Once the program is completed completed students can move up through the Memoria Press Latin courses.  It was perfect for my first grader.

Prima Latina consists of 25 lessons on vocabulary, speaking, translating and more.  Children will learn prayers and complete puzzles.  Every lesson is jammed pack.  It typically took my daughter up to two weeks ( 5 or 6 sessions) to master an entire lesson.  Programs that make it easy to move at our place are a favorite around here.  Prima Latina fits the bill.

Each day my daughter would watch a section of the instructional DVD and then she and I would work through the workbook pages together.  I would imagine an older child (perhaps a 3rd or 4th grader) would be able to work on the material more independently.  My daughter is just barely seven years old, and therefore she requires more of my effort.  We used the flashcards with the Latin terms during our morning meeting time.  My older boys have had Latin before, and they appreciated the review as well.  Even my little two years old picked up a few things.  It has proven to be a great addition to our daily work together as a family.

Every lesson begins with a new common phrase in Latin.  They start simply with things like Hello.  Also included is a grammar lesson where things like verbs, pronouns, and adjectives are discussed.  Then there is a set of 5 vocabulary words for the child to learn. Check out a sample lesson below.

The student workbook is clean and easy to follow. Everything they discuss in the DVD is also included within its pages making for easy reference or review.  The activities are simple and easy to understand. Every lesson ends with something of a fun activity that continues to practice the skills learned but also gives the children a bit of reward.

The teacher’s manual similar to the student workbook except the answers are there for you.  It is a perfect place for me to take notes as I was watching the videos along with my daughter.

Once the course is completed the child will know how to spell and translate over 100 Latin words and 25 expressions.  They’ll know the numbers 1-1- and four prayers.  The will learn a lot of the English derivatives, parts of speech, verb conjugations and more.

What is my favorite thing about this program? Even though I know zero Latin myself (or at least I didn’t before my boys started Latina Christiana a while back) I can learn along with my children, and we can all be successful together.  In other words… no prior Latin experience required.  Once these programs are completed children can continue in their Latin Studies Second Form, Third Form, and Fourth Form.  Memoria Press has created a complete program that will carry your child all of the way through their years of study.

Latin has been such a fun thing to learn in our home.  Perhaps we are truly geeky, but we enjoy applying the terms we have learned to our everyday language.  While my boys have been applying their knowledge of Latin roots to random words for a while now, I have seen my daughter start to pick up on this as well since we have begun Prima together.  We have a practice of trying to figure out the meaning of new words we come across based on our knowledge of Latin roots.  It is a bit of competition sometimes, who can figure it out first!  My daughter loves to be included in this these days (and her brothers are kind enough to let her win sometimes).

Prima Latina Complete Set is a blessing.  It is working fabulously for my daughter.  I plan to continue this course with her at our slow and relaxed pace and then we will move on to the higher levels just like her brothers.  If you are looking for an early language program for you child, you have found it.


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