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If you happen to have some spare time (which is obviously in short supply for a lot of you), then why not put it to use? After all, there are dozens of proven ways for moms to earn a bit of extra cash on the side for themselves and their families, especially now that we’ve got the internet. Here are some ideas for how to put your time to good use.

Start Investing In BitCoin



Bitcoin has had a bit of a rough history. It started out as a cryptocurrency, and the people behind it hope that it will one day transform how we pay for things online. To begin with, people couldn’t really see the value in it – after all, it’s just numbers in an online account. But then they realized that Bitcoin was a bit of a game-changer. Unlike regular money, Bitcoins are personal to you, meaning that each coin you own can be identified to your person. What’s more, bitcoin transactions can’t be traced to a source, and they’re almost perfectly secure. This has led a lot of experts to predict that the value of bitcoins will rise. People want bitcoins to carry out transactions securely over the Internet, and so more and more are exchanging regular currency for this new digital variety. Now that countries are legalizing and encouraging the use of Bitcoin, the price has risen even more, attracting all sorts of investors, including moms.

Download A Bunch Of Apps And Earn Cash

Don’t fancy delving into bitcoin? Not to worry, there are plenty of other money-spinners out there on the internet. Take Swagbucks, for instance. The site pays you to fill out surveys as well as doing other things, like watching videos. There’s also a point system, and every so often, a random member of the site is selected to receive a cash bonus. Exciting, eh?

If you know where to look, there are plenty of other apps and sites out there, offering money in return for carrying out micro-jobs. Media Insiders, for instance, pays you to watch TV. A site called Stash will give you an upfront payment to start investing. Another site, called Ibotta, pays you for taking pictures of your receipts (presumably so that it can teach a machine what receipts look like).

Launch Your Own Box Service


Box services are all the rage right now, and people who give their target customers what they want often wind up making a lot of money. A subscription box service is the type of business you could start up with something as simple as a prepaid card loan. All you need is a good idea and a good product. Most companies offer subscription box services that contain fresh ingredients and recipes for them to make at home. It takes away from the hassle of going shopping and preparing your meal plan yourself: something which is time-consuming. If you can provide customers with a delicious meal plan with lots of new ideas every week, they might be willing to pay you a small fortune to put it all together for them. If you make $10 per box and sell 30 boxes a week, that’s an extra $300 in your pocket.

Flex Your Social Media Expertise

Freelance work might sound like a chore, but in today’s economy, there are all sorts of opportunities for freelancers to sell their services to the masses. Moms can do it too, especially if they happen to have expertise in social media. It turns out that local businesses are constantly looking for people to give their social media accounts a bit of a kick up the backside, so if you’ve got expertise in this area, you can potentially make a lot of money. Large companies usually pay large sums to people who are good, so if you can prove yourself with some smaller clients, you could soon be rolling in the dosh!

Could You Start A Green Business?

Millennials, as a group, are obsessed with the environment. About two-thirds say that one day, they’d like to sign up to a digital smart meter which tracks their personal energy use. For young moms with an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a big opportunity. Can you think of a green business you could set up in the future?

Join The Gig Economy

The great thing about the gig economy is that you get to decide when you work and when you don’t. For moms, this means working with your kids and your family life at a time that suits. According to Nigel Wilson, an executive over at Hitwise, many thousands of sharing economy companies are sprouting up all over the internet. This, he says, is allowing consumers to actively participate in the production process.