We’ve had the opportunity to change up our homeschooling a little but with a new review.  It’s been a refreshing change to our pace as it is an online program that is fun and engaging.  My 7-year-old daughter has been doing either reading or math with an online program from K5 Learning.

This program provides instruction and assessment in reading and math for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. I love that it does all of the work for me.  It provides all of the instruction and even the assessments.  My children log-on and they are off and running.  I check-in on the parent dashboard just to make sure they are making progress.

This program is a supplemental program.  It isn’t designed to replace your usual homeschooling work.  It is there to add something fresh and new or to provide more practice.  That is exactly what we needed around here this spring.  We do school year round, but we have spring fever with the best of them.  I’ve allowed my daughter a break from her usual reading and math programs to spend time on K5 Learning.

Student landing page after log-in.

Before you begin the program, your child will move through a series of assessments so that they can be placed in exactly the right place in each subject.  My daughter scored right where I would have expected as an early 2nd grader.  I also had my 9-year-old work through the assessments, but he placed well above 5th grade in everything and therefore nothing in the program suited his needs.

Here is a point I want to stand out…

This program isn’t just for homeschoolers.  This program would be a great fit for any child who needs some extra instruction or review in math or reading.  It can also serve as a great summer program to keep a child’s brain growing during the off months of the school year. 

Subscriptions are sold on a monthly or annual basis and every family can have up to four children on one account.  Each child is given a unique student log-in.  Parents have their log-in and dashboard where they can monitor everything their child has done. Once a child logs-in they are off and running.  The program moves at the child’s pace.  If they demonstrate an understanding of a concept, they move on.  If not, they get more practice.

After a student has completed his/her work custom worksheets are placed in a folder for them for a little off-line practice.  My daughter logged in and worked through both reading and math lessons for about 15-20 minutes for each subject (30-40 minutes total) 3-4 times per week.

K5 Learning also comes complete with a spelling quizzer.  Children are given spelling and vocabulary words that they are to type in.  If they get the words wrong they are given practice on the word.  Under the parent dashboard, you can even add your own list of spelling words for your child to work on.  It is all very customizable.

I have just one criticism of the program.  It is not abundantly clear how long a “lesson” is or where precisely a lesson begins or ends. There was no clear indication about when one should “stop” for the day.  There is a page that comes up after a section with a stoplight, and the child can choose to end their work or go on.  The problem here is that the stoplight can come up after a short 5-minute activity or after a much longer one. Should we go on or not? If the next activity is just another 5 minutes then maybe.  If it is going to be 10 minutes maybe not?  Often she’d do enough activities to hit 2 or 3 stoplights, and I’d check the dashboard, and it’d say she didn’t complete a lesson.  Some children (and parents) need things to be more clear cut so expectations can be set and met.  I’d like to see this issue resolved in the future.

Overall… this is an excellent supplemental program that will bring a lot of delight and fun to your homeschooling or summer educational needs.  We will continue to use it for some time.

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