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As our families expand so do a number of things we need to update in order to accommodate the changing needs of our families. That certainly applies to our cars. If you are not in a position to update your car, then there are steps that you can take to make sure that your family car is child proof and child safe.

Car Seats

Car seats are one of the most important things that you can invest in as a parent. You will want to research the best child seats on the market and then make sure that they are fitted and installed properly, to ensure complete safety. You won’t be able to buy one car seat and then simply use the same seat for each child, as each year of your child’s life will need a specific type of car seat for that age group. So put a little research into the types of seats that you need for each age group and then see what models are most suitable for your children.

If you own a convertible, then you are going to need to buy a child seat that is specific to convertible cars. When it comes to child seats, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach so you will need to look into the best convertible car seats on the market to ensure that your little ones are well strapped in and safe.


Now that we are in the hotter months, the temperatures of our cars are really important to not just our children, but to ourselves. If you have an older car model that doesn’t have an air conditioning unit then you will certainly want to consider getting one fitted.

You must also never leave young children unattended in a closed vehicle, not even for a brief moment. Even if it doesn’t feel very hot outside, a closed vehicle can heat up very quickly and cause great danger to your child’s safety. Just last year 42 children died from being left in a closed vehicle, some from being inside a car for a surprisingly short amount of time. So under no circumstances should any small children ever be left unattended in a closed car.


Finally, it can be very dangerous as a driver to have squabbling kids in the background as you can get very distracted and that can lead to accidents. Therefore in order for you to not get distracted, you will want to make sure that you are taking measures to make sure that your kids are distracted, to reduce boredom and naughty behavior.

This is particularly important for long car journeys when kids can get really fed up and start squabbling. So you should have a little bag of tricks for your car that can have the kids happily distracted and playing quietly. Think about ipads, so they can watch movies on longer journeys, books and toys, story tale CD’s and magnetic board games to keep them occupied and happy