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There is some really great stuff around the web… and not so great stuff too!  But we will focus on the good today.  Here are a few articles that I discovered this week that struck me.  Maybe you missed them?  Happy Friday everyone have a great weekend!

From Simple Homeschool…

5 Things Your Kids Need to Hear You Say – the title says it all.  This isn’t one of those posts that make you feel like you aren’t measuring up! You’ll appreciate this one.

From The Edges

Fighting for My Wife – This is an article really geared toward men that reflects on how to care and nurture our marriages after the big revelation this week from Lysa Terkeurst about the end of her marriage.  There are plenty of take-aways for the ladies too.  I shared the link with my hubby and he really appreciated it. I hadn’t heard of this website From The Edges before.  It’s a new must follow for me.

From All The Good Things

Secrets Homeschool Moms Keep This blog happens to belong to a friend of mine and I just love her writing. If you are looking for a raw look at the hard times of homeschooling this post is for you.

From Whole Family Learning

Less Schooling, More Apprenticeships  – I’ve been following this writer for a while. She has a very intellectual yet practical style and I usually agree with her points. This one in particular is a great read.


This isn’t an article but an entire website I think is really quite good.  Here is the description.

The heartbeat of Storyformed.com is simple: To get life-shaping books into the lives of children everywhere. To help you discover the best children’s books. To celebrate the soul-forming power of imagination and story. To help you and your children live a story worth telling.


One last thing before I jet off for the weekend… this is the MORE part of this post! Ha!

This week I finished reading aloud The Indian In the Cupboard.  It is an old childhood favorite of my own.  My children LOVED and I mean LOVED it.  We may spend the entire summer reading the series. We will be watching the movie together soon.

I am reading Teaching From Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace.  IT IS FANTASTIC.  Perfect summer read for those of us looking for a changeup or new perspective for another year at homeschooling.

Enjoy your weekend!