I have a fantastic book review for you!  If you are not familiar with YWAM Publishing, then stop right here and go over to their website. YWAM Publishing is unlike any other company I have ever had a chance to review and their books are a mainstay in our homeschool curriculum and household.  We were first introduced to them by the Review Crew a few years back with our very first book review, and I’ve been hoarding, I mean collecting, their books and audio CDs ever since.  These books will bring life to your history studies and your Christian faith.  They have two lines of books, one focuses on the stories of Christian missionaries and is referred to as Christian Heroes: Then & Now.  The other focuses on great people from History and is called  Heroes of History.  This time we got to review  Heroes of History- Captain John Smith .

About the Book

In this biography of Captain John Smith, we follow his life from the time he was a young boy.  He grows up as a farm boy with an affection for the stories of Sir Francis Drake.  He dreams of following Drake out to sea and living a life of adventure.  His parents, of course, had other ideas.  At the age of 16, he begins to travel to London and France.  His journey takes him to places he didn’t intend. Despite a plan to join the French Army, he lands himself in the French Mercenaries.  John eventually sets his sites on colonizing the ‘New World’ but along the way he encounters incredible hardships like being forced to serve as a maidservant to the Turks.  He eventually escapes through Russia and travels back to England and the Virginia Company that carries him across the sea to the new settlement of Jamestown.  Though he loved Jamestown and wanted to do all he could to create a thriving settlement he eventually illness forces him to returns to England. Sadly he never returns to Jamestown.

So Much Adventure

This book makes history come alive.  It is a real adventure.  The reader is engrossed.  One of my sons’s finished this book in just one day.  He couldn’t put it down.  This book could serve as a family read aloud.  It would be a great addition to any study of American History of the time.  I’d love to have the opportunity to read this book just before we made a visit to Jamestown in person.  What a way to tie everything together.

What My Son Has To Say

Ezra age 9 says. “I thought it was an exciting and thrilling book.  It had so much adventure at every turn. I learned things I never knew before about Captain John Smith.  I like the way he took the fact that his father died and used it as motivation for his life.  Even when things didn’t go his way and life wasn’t fair he still kept a good mind and did his job well.”

The Study Guide

YWAM Publishing has taken things up a notch by providing us with study guides that make the reading the much more meaningful. There is one study guide to accompany each Heroes of History book.  It is the perfect tool to incorporate in any American History curriculum.  You’ll find your children mapping out all of the places Captian Smith traveled to.  You’ll learn about how life was lived for a man of his position at that time in history.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask meaningful questions about the character and integrity of Captain Smith and some of his companions as you discuss the varies adventures he took and challenges he encountered.  You’ll learn aboutNativee Americans and life at the time of the early colonists including their trading practices.  Nothing is left out of this study guide.


We have amassed a pretty extensive library of YWAM books.  They are precious to our family.  Heroes of History- Captain John Smith lives up to expectations.  You’ll want to add this and all of the YWAM books to your library.

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