I have a household of voracious readers.  They gobble books like nobody’s business.  The quest for new books with inspiring content is never ending.  Is your home like this too?  Then your family will love reading Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family.

Both of my boys ages 9 and 11 devoured this book several times.  They fought over who’d read it first.  It was like a great game of keep away where each of them would snatch it and hide it from the other.  Can I admit I wasn’t exactly amused?  I can agree there are worse things to fight over.

Captain Absolutely is a 105-page paperback comic book based on a character from Adventures in Odyssey (another love in our home).  The book was originally written by Wooten Z. Bassett.  In the introduction, he provides the reader with a wonderful purpose for the story.  He talks about the truth found in the Bible and how in Hebrews 12:2 God told us that we are to love our neighbor, be honest, worship only God, and keep our eyes on Jesus. This book shows our children how the bad guy will try and make us believe things that aren’t true and that we need to fight against lies.

The artwork in the book stays true to every great comic book you’ve ever seen.  Clearly, a lot of time and effort went into the details of each and every picture.  If you view comics as an art genre, you will appreciate the pictures here.  This book how to be a labor of love.

The reader journeys with Captain Absolutely as he spreads the truth throughout a city full of crime.  We are reminded of who the author of lies is and how Satan wants us to dwell on sins instead of living in the truth of grace and salvation.

You probably want to hear what my boys thought so let me quote them.

Noah (11) – “I thought it was a really good book full of action and classic “superheroness” but it also includes a lot of scripture which I really liked.  There is a lot of people doing what God says not to do, and I like how Captain Absolutely is against that.  So there are several different villains who all create different modern day things that are sins but don’t seem to be. Like bad TV shows that Captain Absolutely destroys.”

Ezra (9) – “It was a really cool book. I like how they wrote it with scripture but still kept it so you wouldn’t want to stop reading it. Captain Absolutely says that everyone should have the right to read the truth and I like how he fights for the truth and works to destroy sin.”

I think Captain Absolutely would be a great fit for most children ages 7 and up. Both boys and girls would enjoy it, but I think the target is likely boys.  It is a quick read and can be polished off in just a couple of hours.  If you’ve got a young boy in your life, this book would be a fantastic read for them.

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