Book reviews are some of my favorite things to do!  To get a fresh story or resource in my hot little hands is always a delight.  I was so excited to receive my copy of The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing to share with my children.

Lamplighter Publishing is a fantastic little company that I got to know a little bit more about when they attended my local homeschooling conference just last week.  Their table was so full of absolutely gorgeous books that I had to refrain from taking out a second mortgage on my home and buying them all up.  They bring old stories from centuries past and bring them to readers today.  The stories they choose are brilliant and positive.  A perfect fit for families seeking literature with Godly virtue and good models.  They even include scripture references for your ease of use.  The stories themselves stay true to their original form.

The Secret Bridge by Amy LeFeuvre was displayed proudly out my homeschool conference and it deserves to be.  It is a novel originally published back in 1899.  Amy LeFeuvre came from Britain and all of her works provide you with wonderfully Godly understandings.  Her story The Secret Bridge is about a young lady whose life and challenges, while different from ours, span the truth of the ages.  She is a determined lady who, despite her secrets, strives to live with honesty.

From the moment the book arrived in my home I knew it wasn’t just another book.  The cover is gorgeous.  I mean stunning!  It is made from an embossed leatherlike material.  The title is embossed in gold  The book is so beautiful I felt bad opening it.  I wanted to just display it and leave it in its pristine condition.  But, that’s not what books are meant for right?  So we did eventually crack that cover.



As the story opens, we meet young Miss Bridget Channing who is alone in the world with nothing to call her own.  As the story unfolds we get to know a woman with deep strength.  The writing is mesmerizing and we, the reader, truly travel with her through her highs and lows, struggles and triumphs.  We mourn when she mourns and cheer when she cheers.  We meet her future husband, Godfry Bullingham and we watch as their relationship grows.  As a young bride new to English society life Bridget must determine who she is to God.

I chose to use this as a read aloud.  It was written by a Britain over one hundred years ago so the language was a bit of a challenge at times.  It was a challenge my family enjoys.  All of my children ages 6-11 were captivated by the story and asked for it nearly every day.  I love how the story really encourages the reader to think about what it is to be like Christ and how His love for us should help us determine our steps in life.  Our read alouds are often great jumping off points for discussion about so many topics and this one lives up to that expectation too.

I high recommend The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing.  In fact, after perusing their table at the homeschool conference I’d recommend just about anything from them.  They have nothing but top-notch materials for Christian families.


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