Drive Thru History® has a new captivating series called Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” that my children and I have enjoyed watching over the last several weeks.  “The Gospels” includes 18 separate episodes that will take 9 hours to watch in its entirety.  Dave Stotts serves as storyteller and guide as you travel with him through the historical places that Jesus visited as described in scripture. He takes you through the  “extraordinary life of Jesus of Nazareth.” Included with the DVD set is a beautiful color Study Guide that summarizes each episode and offers helpful things like side notes and discussion questions with corresponding scripture suggestions making it easy to take what you see on the screen straight into God’s word.  The first episode is available for free giving you the opportunity to see for yourself just how fantastic this series is before you buy. 

Our Experience

I have been watching this series, one episode at a time, with my four children ages 2-11.  We have been watching 3-4 episodes a week because my kids beg to watch every day.  I always watch with them because I don’t want to miss a moment.  They are, dare I say, mesmerizing?  I can say they are engrossing.  Such a high-quality presentation. The landscapes, artwork and other visual details are stunning. Such thorough descriptions, investigations, and story-telling.  Fantastic Biblical truth.
This series is very detailed and thorough.  Every episode begins with a little summary of the last episode followed by a tidbit about what the new episode will be covering.  Then you are off. Throughout the series, Dave Stotts drives to several dozen ancient locations all over Isreal.  Dave Stotts reads the scripture as he tells Jesus’ story and he provides the viewer with terrific background information about the cultural of the time, archaeological finds, and other details.  You travel in Jesus’ footsteps from His birth, through His ministry, His death on the cross, and His resurrection.

Each day we watch an episode (or two – sometimes I give into the chants of… “Just one more! Just one more!”), and then I break open the accompanying Study Guide to help us navigate through a conversation about what we’ver watched.  What’s provided is a great jumping off point to begin a discussion or a point of reference for the beginning of a Bible study. Best of all, they retained what they learned!  I caught my children in pulling from what they saw in the “The Gospels” during other Biblically related discussions at church or with their Dad over dinner.

There was so much to learn in this series.  There is a lot of information about factual findings and other artifacts that support the scriptures as they are written.  Diving into the culture of Jesus’s time helps scripture come alive and make sense.  In the video, they show you what a manager of the time would have looked like, and it is very different than the modern idea we see every Christmas.   I’d love to visit Isreal some day and visit some of the places we get to experience in this series.  For now, this is certainly the next best thing.

I think this series could be a fantastic gift to give a new believer.  It gives you the what, the how, and even some of the WHY of Jesus’s life.  It makes Him more real.  It backs up scripture with real-life archeological study.

Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”  is such a compelling and accurate way to bring the Bible to life.  It really should be in the video library of every believer.


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