Teaching our homeschooled children creative writing can feel like a daunting task.  There are many good resources out there but one of my favorites is Home School Adventure Co.’s Creative Freewriting Adventure.  When I sat with my husband last fall to discuss our homeschooling goals for the year we both agreed it was time to really focused on our children’s writing skills.  My oldest son, Noah who is 11, loves to write..and write and write and write.  However, his writing tends to roam and wonder without any real focus or direction.  I took to this review hoping he’d get the develop the skills needed to make his creative freewriting a bit more focused.

Product Description

Creative Freewriting Adventure takes the natural creativity many children possess and combines it with critical thinking skills.   It is full of guided writing prompts.  You’ll find a total of 10 writing exercises that start with a story.  These stories come from  Home School Adventure Co.’s other products (The Wise Woman and Philosophy Adventure).  You then move on to the Your Journey and Your Assignment sections each detailing what you will write and a bit of background information to help you.  The writing is split up into easy to complete sections and there are prompts or clues to guide the student into adding the right details.  Lastly, you’ll find the room to actually do your writing.  There is also a Coloring Book Edition that includes a graphic to color. Students write for a manageable 15 minutes at a time and then share their work if they’d like.

The writing produced in those 15 minute isn’t to be analyzed for grammar or spelling.  Punctuation also isn’t a skill the student needs to be worried about. The idea is to overcome the obstacles that can make some children reluctant to write and let the floodgates of ideas pour out onto the page.

What It Is Not

Creative Freewriting Adventure is not a curriculum that is going to teach your child structured writing technique. There is nothing like grammar or spelling found within the pages.  There are no exercises for creating killer introductory paragraphs or clincher endings.  The idea is to guide the child into creating pieces that are full of impact.  To me, this is meant to be a fun break from your regular writing curriculum.  A new way to stretch those growing writing muscles so to speak.  These writing exercises are very low pressure and might be useful for overcoming a writing block.

How We Used This Program

I had my son Noah (11) set aside our usual writing program and used this one several times a week for the length of the review.  He has a jovial kind of personality and is always game for anything.  I do think some of the stories and the links to the philosophy were a bit over his head.  He found the back stories rather funny.  He’d then take a prompt and have a go at it for the 15 minutes.  And he’d ramble on like he always does.  Did this help him rein in his all over the place creative writing?  No, not at all.  His writing did, however, get much more descriptive. It also got him excited about writing about ideas and topics outside of his usual zone of comfort. I’ll take that as a success.

I love how this is an absolutely open and go kind of program.  There is zero prep needed for the mom/teacher. He loved how he no longer had to care about periods or commas or if his sentences even made a bit of sense.  It was a great break for us from other writing assignments and something we enjoyed overall.

If you need a break from your regular writing or something of a boredom buster check out the links below and pick up a copy of this for yourself.

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