I have a budding artist on my hands.  My Noah (11) absolutely adores drawing and sketching the day away.  With diligent practice, we’ve seen his skills improve quite a bit in the last year.  We are always on the lookout for new and easy ways to grow his skills and perhaps expand his repertoire. We were excited to do just that when we were given the chance to review the Monthly Plan from Creating a Masterpiece. It is providing my son with excellent art instruction and he is adding to his portfolio.

Creating a Masterpiece Monthly Plan

This program is the creation of artist Sharon Hofer.  She teaches at her own fine art school and now this program is her online version.  Creating a Masterpiece offers a variety of skill levels and is meant for all ages.  A student can begin with the beginner level projects and move their way up.  Or if they prefer they can skip around and work on projects they find most interesting.  The art projects are also broken up into sections like Greek, Romanticism, impressionism, etc.  They add new classes regularly.

The exciting part for me is how many different art mediums are used in the program.  As a homeschool mom, I can probably help my son with drawing in pastels or painting in watercolor.  Oh and woodburning too!  I once gave that a try. But glass mosaic or carving… I’m lost.

Here are the various art mediums offered in the program:

With each project you’ll find a list of needed supplies to complete the masterpiece.

How We Used Creating a Masterpiece

My son is pretty focused on mastering his drawing skills so that is where we began.  I let him skip through the lessons choosing those he was most drawn to.  We worked on them once or twice a week.  My Ezra (9) also joined in for some lessons.  They drew things like a clown fish and a sunflower (for their grandmother who adores them). Later on, I got them interested in some of the watercolor projects as well.  Expanding their horizons can be tricky! Ha!

What Do We Think of the Program?

Overall I think it is a lovely program.  Sharon Hofer makes a great teacher.  She has a calming way of explaining the processes she is teaching. Teacher and student create the project step-by-step, together.  Watching via video gives the student an advantage since a video can be paused and rewatched over and over and over again.   Her explanations are very clear and detailed.  Each step in every project is easy to follow.  The camera work is very good so following her every move is easy.  Throughout the lessons she is teaching the student a variety of techniques that will improve their overall artistry, their eye, and they actual technical skill.  The quality of the finished projects is fantastic.  There are quite sophisticated creations we are making in Creating a Masterpiece.

There were a few things my boys didn’t exactly enjoy.  First, particularly in the beginner lessons Sharon occasional sounded like she was speaking to a small child.  Her voice and style of explanation reminded me a bit of how a preschool or kindergarten teacher might sound.  While an attentive kindergartener might enjoy the classes these aren’t projects for the youngest children.  They are pretty sophisticated projects even at the beginner level so I was surprised to hear that sort of tone/language.  Thankfully that seemed to fade away during the more advanced lessons.

These projects are definitely done with a reflection of what most would consider fine art.  The students will work on painting landscapes, flowers, birds, and other animals.  They are all so lovely.  My boys, however, are boys.  They are drawn to something a bit different.  They would have enjoyed dragons, knights, soldiers, castles and those kinds of projects.  Perhaps something a bit more appealing to the typical boy will be added at some point in the future.



I do recommend this program.  Your budding artist will certainly advance their skills and create a portfolio of fantastic work.



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