We devour books in this house.  That is probably no surprise to my usual readers.  We’ve become big fans of books written by Susan K. Marlow.  Recently my daughter and I have were given the opportunity to review  Andi Saddles Up and Andi Under the Big Top from the new Circle C Stepping Stones written by Susan K. Marlow and published by Kregel Publications.  This is a new series of books which features a girl named Andi and her horse.  What young girl doesn’t enjoy that?

First, let me tell you about Kregel Publications.  Kregel Publications is a Christian publishing company dedicated to creating and distributing biblically sound books and resources that help your family learn to know and serve Jesus.  Susan K. Marlow is a homeschooling mother herself as well as a writing teacher.  She’s written many books placed in the Old West.  She has books geared for children of all ages.  This Circle C Stepping stones series is meant for children around the ages of 6-9.  This is followed by the Circle C Adventures Series for children 9-13.  The Circle C Milestones series is for children ages 11 and up.  Some of the same beloved characters are carried throughout many of her books.  There is also a series for boys called Goldtown Adventures.

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Andi Saddles Up begins the Circle C Stepping Stone Series.  In this book, we read all about Andi her quest to learn how to trick ride on her precious horse Taffy.  Unfortunately, Andi’s older brother Chad worries for Andi’s safe and squashes her goals to become a trick rider.  When Andi meets a new friend Sadie their relationship is put in jeopardy by a dispute with between their parents.

Andi Under the Big Top is the second book in the Circle C Stepping Stones Series.  The circus comes to town and Andi experiences all of the great acts by bareback riders.  She develops dreams of joining the circus herself.  She meets Henry, a boy who works with the circus.  Henry has a secret and Andi sets out to help him.

Your child’s enjoyment of these books doesn’t have to stop when the story is over.  On the website, you can find free coloring pages and activities ready to download.  There are also lapbooks for purchase if you want to go even further with these books.

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My Joyanna is just 6 years old and she loved having mommy read these books to her.  It was fun for her to listen to books about a girl just about her age.  She begged me every day to read more and more until they were done. We did incorporate some of the activity pages.  I would ask her the questions and she would respond with her answers orally.  We also reviewed some of the vocabulary words together.  These pages were great for checking her understanding of the story.

Joyanna is just on the cusp of being able to read books of this level on her own and I know these will be some of the first she tackles.  We will be eagerly awaiting more in the series and investing in many of the books for the older ages as well.  You can find out more information on Kregel Publications and all they have to offer on their website, Twitter, or Facebook.  You can follow Susan K. Marlow on Twitter and Facebook.

Andi Series {Kregel Publications and Susan K. Marlow Reviews}

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