If you follow my blog and social media posts you’ll know one thing is for sure.  My children love and I mean LOVE everything to do with the United States.  I love to use books to explore places we aren’t likely to have the opportunity to visit any time soon.  Washington state is very far away from us.  So for this review we chose a book that would teach us all about it! They want to know everything there is to know about every region and state.  Recently we had the chance to review one book that is part of what is sure to be a great series.  We’ve been reading through Washington ~ Here We Come! from the By the Way Book Series has given my daughter and I a great way learn all about  Washington state history.

The By the Way Book Series is pretty unique in my experience because it takes us on a tour of our God created land, state by state.  These books are absolutely packed with information and off the charts photographs that I’m afraid my little blog post description here will not do them justice.

Our tour of Washington is seen through the eyes of Alex and Lexi who are traveling the state on the official By the Way RV.  “Their ‘mission’ is to learn as much as they could about God’s beautiful creation in the great state of Washington.”  It begins with detailed facts about the many firsts the state is known for (Starbucks to Amazon).  It also has the largest ferry system found anywhere in the United States.  And just because they can… they include information about harbor seals!  That’s in just the first two pages.  There are so many pages dedicated to the wild-life and natural habitats found in the state. Did you know there is a rain forest in Washington?  I didn’t. All of the facts and details are told in something of a story like style with the two characters either being instructed by others around them or in dialog between each other.

Before long the kids in our story are onto the history of the state.  You’ll learn about things like The Lewis and Clark Expedition and Mt. St. Helens.  We learn about agriculture that is important to the state like cherries, peaches, apricots, apples, and raspberries.  “…the living God, gives us richely all these good things to enjoy.”

I truly hope my photos are helping you get a very good feel for this book.  It really is a treasure as are all of the books in this series with more coming for other states and regions soon.  Here is the list of the By the Way Book Series so far:

My family devoured this book, countless times.  One of my boys used it as a resource for an essay he wrote.  They are very hungry for me to get them copies of the other books as well.  What a neat collection this will be when it is complete.  Of course the book we look forward to most will be the one on our own state of Connecticut.  Hopefully some day soon!

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