Our family is big on History.  VERY big! In fact most of our homeschooling revolves around whatever period of history we are currently studying.  Great history resources are essential to our successful homeschool.  We’ve been big fans of many of the products offered by Home School in the Woods for quite some time so we were naturally excited when we were chosen to review HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt.

This study (like all Homeschool in the Woods programs) is literally BURSTING with hands-on projects, lapbooking materials, reading material, audio recordings, and so much more.  In fact… I’ve got to be very honest.  Despite having completed other Project Passport programs in the past… I always begin a new one with a bit of nervous trepidation.  They are so full that it can feel overwhelming at first. However, everything is so well organized that I quickly overcome those feelings.

This is a digital downloaded projected intended for children in grades 3-8 (which makes it fantastic for grouping your family together into just one study).  Younger children can likely participate as well if you pick and choose different components that are right for them.  There is a lot to the download with files and photos organized in different places.  Pay close attention to the introduction so that you can navigate to each piece that you’ll need when you need it. If you’ve never done one of these studies before you’ll need to give yourself a bit of time to prepare and print.  There is quite a lot of printing involved.  While everything is laid out well this isn’t something you want to open up 5 minutes before you plan to introduce it to your children.  After a couple of lessons, you’ll have the hang of it and it’ll be very easy.

With every Project Passport study, including this one on Ancient Egypt, you and your family embark on a trip through history.  You begin by completing passports and luggage folders.  Over the course of the study (which usually takes us 3-4 months to complete) you move through 25 “stops” (lessons).  Each stop will focus on a different aspect of life for the Ancient Egyptians.  You’ll study agriculture, trade, sciences, arts, architecture, religion, government, pharaohs… and the list goes on and on.

At each stop you’ll find a couple of pages of reading filled with great information.  The reading lays down the foundation for the activities that come after.  Often the reading will come from a Christian point of view and bring in a Biblical message.  The reading makes life easy for you, the teacher.  You don’t need to spend time and effort tracking down extra books or other resources.  You don’t need to read through several books to find just the information needed for that lesson.  What you need is RIGHT THERE.  When we complete one of these studies I do usually make a library trip and come home with a haul of books on the topic.  Books do enrich the study, especially if they are full of pictures. The glory is that they aren’t necessary.

The beautiful part of the Project Passport programs are the hands-on activities.  At the beginning of the study you and your children will create a binder you’ll call their “Scrapbook of Sights.”  This is where they will keep EVERYTHING.  Here they’ll place their timeline, maps, postcards (from important historical figures) and more.  Then there are the “souvenirs.” Oh how fun these are!  With the Ancient Egypt study you’ll be creating everything from a sarcopagus, a shaduf, bricks, dioramas, recipes, a cartouche, dress up like Egyptians, make a reed boat, create games, and SOOOOOO much more.  There are over 50 projects for you to complete together.Two projects that span the length of the study include creating a lapbook – which we store in the Sights and Sounds binder, and writing a newspaper to report on your adventures through Ancient Egypt. To complete these projects you will need to be prepared with paper, cardstock (colored and white), glue sticks, markers, clay, string, and other similar materials.  Read ahead so you can keep your supply closet stocked.

Personally my favorite part is the audio recordings.  These are dramatized and take you on something of a tour on the land.  You’ll listen a guide who brings down the Nile river, to a school, to an interview of famous people and more and more and more.  There is over an hours worth of listening material here.  It all just adds so much depth and richness to the study.

Keep in mind that this program is incredibly flexible.  Your family can choose to do a lot or little every week.  Take as long or as little time as you need to complete it.  Do all of the projects or just pick and choose what works best for your children.

If you are interested in HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Studies you’ve got to check out the newest one that we will be ordering soon.  It is all about Ancient Greece.  They also offer The Middle Ages , and The Renaissance and Reformation.  I hear Ancient Rome will be available sometime in 2018 as well.

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HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study Reviews