“Bessie’s Pillow, A Young Immigrant’s Journey” ~Review

I have a new, wonderful book review for you! If you love historical fiction the way we do at my house then you too will be thrilled to read Bessie’s Pillow published by Strong Learning, Inc. This is the story of… Continue Reading →

WFPB Blueberry Pancakes!

Given the choice, my children would eat pancakes morning, noon, and night. Toss some blueberries into the mix and they just might eat themselves into tummy aches.  Truthfully I could too. Here is our recipe for super yummy blueberry pancakes… Continue Reading →

Creating a Masterpiece Homeschool Art Curriculum Review

I have a budding artist on my hands.  My Noah (11) absolutely adores drawing and sketching the day away.  With diligent practice, we’ve seen his skills improve quite a bit in the last year.  We are always on the lookout… Continue Reading →

Let Us Reorder Our Lives

You Matter

Last week I went out and bought clothes!  Lots of clothes!  I never do this.  I normally just struggle through my closet, sometimes with literal tears in my eyes, as I try to put something presentable together to get through… Continue Reading →

Circle C Stepping Stones Book Review

We devour books in this house.  That is probably no surprise to my usual readers.  We’ve become big fans of books written by Susan K. Marlow.  Recently my daughter and I have were given the opportunity to review  Andi Saddles… Continue Reading →

Creative Freewriting Review from Home School Adventure Co

Teaching our homeschooled children creative writing can feel like a daunting task.  There are many good resources out there but one of my favorites is Home School Adventure Co.’s Creative Freewriting Adventure.  When I sat with my husband last fall to discuss our homeschooling… Continue Reading →

Wishing for Spring

Looking forward to warmer days… how about you?

Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart… Wisdom

Wisdom! As mothers (and maybe even more so for homeschooling mothers) we are expected to be all wise and know just what do in every situation.  We should know how to heal every hurt whether it be of skinned knee variety… Continue Reading →

Curbing My Daughter’s Tantrums

Have you ever heard that quote? Or some variation of it?  I haven’t a clue where it came from but I’ve found it to be very true.  My four-year-old daughter has been going through a thing lately.  She drops into… Continue Reading →

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